Tooling Design and Mold Manufacturer (Tool Manufacturer, Mold Design)

Castyield Precision realizes our customers are eager to purchase their casting components in one-stop to prevent the complex contact windows from manufacturing processes. We fulfill the service of most mainstream post processes and coating processes with excellent quality through our choosing group of partners. Our engineering knowledge and actual experience lead to the great management of projects. Furthermore, the multiple quality controls of interior and exterior definitely ensure the final deliveries to comply with your requested quality criteria.      

  Investment Casting Investment Casting

Mechanical Post Processes

  1. CNC Machining (4 to 5 axis)
    1. CNC Tapping Center
    2. CNC Vertical Machining Center
    3. CNC Horizontal Machining Center
    4. CNC Lathe  
  2. Tumbling, Cutting, Stamping, Welding and Riveting
  3. Surface Grinding and Polishing.
  4. Sand/Bead Blasting or Peening.
  5. Heat Treatment and Passivation.
Mechanical Post Processes
Mechanical Post Processes

Cosmetic Coating Processes

  • Conversion Coating for Trivalent and
    Hexavalent Chromate 
  • EMI - RFI Shielding
  • Painting
    1. Powder Coating
    2. Liquid/Wet Coating
  • Electroplating – Chrome, Matte Chrome, Nickel,
    Matte Nickel, Bronze and Gold.
  • Electroless Plating – Nickel
  • Color Anodizing and Hard Anodizing for Aluminum
  • PVD (Phicial Vamper Deposition) / Vacuum Plating
    – Titanium, Zirconium and Aluminum.
  • Artwork
    1. Silk Screen Printing
    2. Steel Pad Printing
    3. Laser Engraving/Printing  
Cosmetic Coating Processes
Cosmetic Coating Processes

Light Mechanical Assembly

  1. Paste Label and Glue Component
  2. Gasket, O-ring and Washer Installation
  3. Screw, Spring, Magnet and Pin Installation and Helicoil Insert.
  4. Packaging
    Light Mechanical Assembly


Die casting